• Brought to you by SALONGENIUS, the new and improved system designed specifically for colleges and academies.

  • Bring to order the classroom and let SALONGENIUS do the hard work for you.

Academy School

SALONGENIUS for college gives you full functionality of SALONGENIUS itself, whilst incorporating key aspects of running a college salon.

It gives you the ability to add your courses for the academic year, add your students and lecturers, add your classroom and equipment and allocate your students to chairs within the classroom and manage their models.

It also allows you to set timings and costings on an individual student or class basis. Assign your staff and students to their classroom for their practical sessions and allocate any required equipment.

You can also track your students progress throughout their training.

Run in conjunction with commercial salon/spa operations as required.

With the SALONGENIUS College system you are able to Track and Control, by adding courses, Classroom allocations and training sessions. Allocate different students to clients and select which services by the session. Manage the models as well as being able to keep on top of attendance reports.

You can also run stored scenarios at anytime at just the touch of a button.