Business Reporting
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Business Reporting

SALONGENIUS offers a full suite of over 100 reports enabling you to quickly and easily find out detailed information on all aspects of your business and its progress at the touch of a button. A dedicated range of reports is included explicitly to show salon performance together with staff utilisation and appraisal indicators.

Reports are available for any time period and those frequently used can be accessed via bath processing to save you time and ensure continuity. 'Week on Week' reports are on hand to provide year on year comparison for progressive tends.

A choice of graphs can be produced. The option to export too a variety of formats is included which aids the important into accountancy and payroll systems.

All of the reports in SALONGENIUS can be exported for use in other packages.

Should your accountant wish to look at your takings in their accounting software for example then simply press the export button and the selected report is produced as one of: a rich text format file, a comma delimited file or as an xls spreadsheet. If you are away from the business, takings figures can be automatically sent to designated mobile phones as required.

Imports to most accounting packages are available as one of these formats.