• Reward your most valuable customers

  • Keep your critical files and data safe

Gift Cards

Gift cards and vouchers are fully provided for within SALONGENIUS. Serial number tracking is available on issue and redemption. Both pre-set amount and flexible value cards and vouchers are available. It offers a choice of single salon gift vouchers or vouchers that can be used across a group of salons. In both cases balances can be checked on demand. Full reporting on activity and liability is included.

Loyalty Cards

Keeping in touch with your clients and looking after them is key to client retention and a strong business. Over the years Client Loyalty Schemes have proven to increase both retention and client spend.

SALONGENIUS incorporates a wealth of ways to automatically reward your clients. From simply rewarding total visit spend to targeting quite days and times of the week you wish you build up, products and services you wish to encourage, through to birthday and high flyer rewards, SALONGENIUS offers a flexible way to run your Client Reward Scheme

Full reporting is available on scheme activity and liability, customer receipts show the visit activity. You can even supply mini statements and market your clients using details extracted from their record card.

Indicators show loyal clients together with their points details, warnings are given for cards about to expire. Detailed reports are included on all aspects of both card and loyalty activity.