• Reward your most valuable customers

  • Keep your critical files and data safe


Group Marketing

through our group management console at www.mytakings,coim groups of businesses can market all clients from on place.

Bulk SMS options are available together with mass e-mail sending. Marketing materials can be stored, re-used and results from previous campaigns can be monitored.

2 way operations allows marketing materials, stock, services and discounts to be loaded on the whole estate from a central point ensuring that a consistent, controlled message reaches your clients.

Group Reporting

From the web portal at group salon owners are put in control of their business data. It will store exported date to the central store as often as required.

Individual business data can be looked at in isolation or groups of businesses created as required to allow comparisons or simply look at the entire estate.

Access is strictly controlled to allow you to decide which reports and functions are available to who, and there is a full audit control on activity. Reports can be exported from import into accounting and payroll systems.

Access to data is available from anywhere with a web connection, so if you fancy running your business from the beach the option is available.