• Let SALONGENIUS do the hard work and keep customers coming back & new ones coming in

  • Never run out or overstock again



SALONGENIUS marketing gives you the power to examine and market your client database at will.

Choose from over 100 different options, to accurately direct your marketing budget to where it can be most useful. Combine these options for even better targeting.

Reporting on marketing activities is of course available. You can even store away marekting selections and re-run them with a slightly altered offer.

SALONGENIUS is date protection compliant. If you set a client as opted out they will not be contracted. Date quality reports also show you just how good your database is and how many clients you can contact

The 2 main flavour of marketing that are available to you are:

Reactive Marketing

This gives you the option of data mining your business database and direct your marketing budget to where it can bring the greatest rewards.

Of course it can search for client birthdays but it doesn't stop there. Sales history can be examined, client demographics explored, spend history evaluated, plus much more.

These searches can be combined to provide you with details of your exact marketing fit.

Once selected, contact is available via letter, e-mail or SMS. The e-mail option includes an HTML editor for producing eye catching output.

The text solution incorporates 2-way SMS together with message stitching should you wish to push the message length past the standard 160 character limit.

The implementation of QR barcodes allows you to send offer barcodes to your client for in-store redemption.

Proactive Marketing

Even more powerful is the ability in SALONGENIUS to preset marketing activities in advance.

These can be based on appointments or sales, and marketing materials are sent out automatically to clients meeting the criteria.

SALONGENIUS will help you...

  • Introduce new clients
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Improve client retention
  • Increase average bill value
  • Promote new services
  • Drive-up retail sales