No Appointment
  • Don’t let your “Walk-Ins” walk out!

  • Are you a no appointment required salon that wants to improve client care, increase revenue and reduce costs?

No Appointment Salon

Introducing the SALONGENIUS Walk-In Manager - The intuitive programme that lets you keep track of your walk-in clients without the need for an appointment book!

SALONGENIUS’ Walk-In manager uses a waiting list style system which allows you to easily manage waiting clients, queuing priority, clients in the salon and availability times, maximising your staff utilisation and time analysis.

When a client walks in to the salon, the next available appointment slot will be shown, indicating to the client approximately how long they will need to wait. If this suits, using simple prompts and where required welcome scripts, the client gets added to the waiting list. With options to increase priority for “special” or “VIP” clients, everyone is catered for.

Use SMS appointment reminders for clients who don’t want to wait in the salon for their appointment.

When an operator becomes free that can fulfill the service requested, the client at the top of the waiting list is highlighted to indicate it can be called in the salon. When the client is marked as “client in” the client bill will automatically be created, ready for when they have finished. Options for pre-paying and family billing make the Walk-In manager flexible for all situations.

The SALONGENIUS Walk-In manager gives you all the reporting and analysis functionality that the main SALONGENIUS program offers, plus walk-in manager specific reports. Stay one-step ahead of your peers and be sure you know where your business is really at!