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Recovery Genius

Security of business critical data and Business Continuity are vital issues that are high on the agendas of Senior Management, Directors and Partners. The ability to secure business and customer client data in the event of a disaster is essential to both the continuity of the business and the protection of customer and client’s interests. Loss of data related to customers and clients can have adverse impact on an organisation, both up and down the business supply delivery chains.

Your Secure 24/7 Desktop and Laptop Edition is a secure, automated backup system that intelligently backs up critical files to a remote or local storage server, ensuring that your business data is safely under corporate control and securely available from any connected computer. For most SALONGENIUS users (even if you have a small network of PC’s) the Desktop product quoted below will be more than adequate as we can set 24/7 to back up the “salon” data and any other relevant documents.

A server license solution is available for group environments where data is polled back to a central point and can be backed up on a global level. Please call for bespoke pricing and more information.