• Keep your business secure and safe

  • Let SALONGENIUS do the hard work and keep customers coming back & new ones coming in



Access to all areas of SALONGENIUS can be strictly controlled.

10 levels of security are available letting you give staff access to the areas they need whilst protecting sensitive business information.

Access is controlled via passwords or preferably via biometric fingerprint readers

Once security is set up access to all areas is recorded, unauthorised access attempts logged and a full audit trail is provided of who did what, when and from which terminal.

This not only provides you with peach of mind but also protects your staff particularly those handling cash.


Detailed exception reports are available on the system to highlight areas which may be of concern.

Price adjustments, cancelled transactions, refunds and redo's to name but a few are included in the areas covered. The value of discounts given and surcharges made is also available. You can even go back and examine receipts previously printed.


SALONGENIUS can also integrate with CCTV systems giving greater control over your business.

Issued receipts can be overprinted onto the video and stored in a database for examination and playback if required. Remote access to video in the business is also available via the net.