• Give your staff and business something to aim for

  • Let SALONGENIUS do the hard work and keep customers coming back & new ones coming in



SALONGENIUS allows you to target many aspects of your business to improve key areas. Setting targets is a key part of looking forward as a business.

By setting your staff targets that they need to hit it will drive them to be as productive as they can be to ensure you are always getting the best out of your staff. By setting targets it will motivate your staff to always be at the top of their game to ensure they are the stand out member of the team.

Target your staff on what you want to measure, and of course reward them if they do well. Staff can check their own performance from their appointment column, or print out status reports as required.

With SALONGENIUS you can clearly identify where you business could be performing better and where you could be making more money. By setting targets in these specific areas you can ensure your business is always running to full capacity.

What can you target? In SALONGENIUS just about anything....

  • Services
  • Treatments
  • Retail products
  • Average Bill/Turnover/Referral
    • Service
    • Retail
    • Total Bill
  • Rebooking %
  • Care Factor
  • Turnover
  • Referral